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Sales Strategy: Engage Your Prospect’s Learning Style

October 27, 2016  By John Boe

The successful outcome of your next sales presentation will be determined largely by your ability to do two things very well; develop rapport with your prospect and adapt your sales message to engage his or… Read More

Globalization: Threat or Opportunity?

October 23, 2016  By Dr. Robert Mikecz

It was a lovely lazy spring day on the East Kent coast. I was having a chat in a fish and chip shop with the owner. He was proud of his hometown, how busy it… Read More

Connected Leader

7 Ways to Begin to Transform into a Connected Leader

October 12, 2016  By Rodger H. Pyrah

As the face of global businesses change, leadership paradigms have the opportunity to follow suit. The traditional leadership paradigm utilized by the majority of global companies maintain many of the same characteristics – male dominated,… Read More

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