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ILM Endorsed Training Courses

GLOMACS is an ILM Approved Centre (Centre ID # 002398A) and offers a number of approved Management and Leadership seminars fully endorsed by ILM as well as ILM Qualifications or VRQs. Participants who intend to obtain ILM Endorsed and Qualification certification (aside from GLOMACS Certificate of Completion) would be required to complete a kind of assessment after the conclusion of any ILM Endorsed Seminar or ILM Qualification or VRQs.

Course List
Employee Relationship Specialist
Essentials of Balanced Scorecard
Event Management Specialist
HR Professional
Office Management Specialist
Planning Specialist
Procurement Management Professional
Professional Business System Analyst
Professional Job Analyst
Professional Leader
Professional Project Analyst
Professional Project Leader
Professional Recruitment Analyst
Professional Training Administrator
Professional Training Coordinator
Service Quality and Excellence
Talented Professional Manager

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