We just couldn’t resist publishing this…

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Training in Dubai  

Those who follow our blogs would have certainly noticed that this section is usually devoted for informative articles that benefits our readers. Today, we are using this space to talk about an inspired person who wrote to us about an event he recently attended. It may sound unconventional to our readers, but I thought it is good to blog about it.

We just could not resist publishing this one….



Dear Glomacs,

I would like to thank GLOMACS for the great 5-day Training in Dubai that I had attended during 16 April, 2017 till 20 April, 2017. It was very informative, inspirational, well presented and so many mind blowing tactical moments. I learnt so much from the training that will surely contribute to my best performance at my work. I had already started to apply few of those strategies on our clients and colleagues and I am pretty much fascinated with the result. They are working remarkably well.

I am all revved up with my new knowledge and skills – look out clients!

I would like to thank Mr. John Boe for the brilliant training. The content was overwhelming which gave us all so many goodies to take away and use. I felt extremely well equipped by the end of the five days. Can I say how impressive the workbooks and handouts were. They will be an excellent reference material for me in my work practice. I came away from the Training feeling so confident and it really does help when working with these clients. I went to a meeting last week and could not shut up about your training. They asked me if I could please get some brochures and information about your next training so they could attend.

I need to know when will be the next training scheduled and I want to make sure that Mr. John Boe is the trainer as he was really amazing during our training and content deliverables.


Wael J. Al-Khatib


It’s hard not to be inspired by someone who’s passionate about what they are doing. Imagine a world where we wake up inspired to go to work.

Every person knows what they do!
(your job, function, services you offer)
Some people know how they do it!
(actions you take that sets you apart)
Few people know why they do it!
(purpose, cause or belief that inspires you)

John Boe and GLOMACS team believes in inspiring people and our ability to do it together.

John Boe is a Certified Executive Coach & Senior Instructor with GLOMACS. John co-authored the book Mission Possible with Dr. Stephen Covey. SalesDog.com named John to their list of America’s Top 50 Sales Trainers and Customer Service Experts. John will be presenting the below GLOMACS training courses this year.

  1. Achieving Excellence in Customer Service – Providing a Quality Service
  2. Beyond Customer Service: Service Quality and Excellence
  3. Customer Profiling Techniques & Procedures
  4. Customer-Focused Selling Strategies
  5. Fundamentals of Marketing
  6. Market Leadership & Marketing Strategies
  7. Marketing Communication
  8. Marketing Strategies and Planning
  9. Mastering Sales & Marketing in the Age of New Social Media
  10. Measuring and Managing Customer Satisfaction: ISO 9001 and Beyond
  11. Sales Management Best Practices for Building a World-Class Sales Team
  12. Sales Manager Training
  13. Sales Professional Training
  14. The Sales & Marketing Management MBA

Would you like to know which one of this inspired Mr. Wael? – That’s No. 10

Discover your GLOMACS training and get inspired to go to work!


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