Keys to Successful Business Alliances

Periodically, the popular business press reports on very successful high-profile strategic partnerships and joint ventures – or a large consortium
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<b>Keys to Successful Business Alliances</b>

The Changing Face of Training

There have big three cyclic changes in the world of work since the industrial revolution: The Capitalist and the `industrialist 1760
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<b>The Changing Face of Training</b>

How to measure the business benefits of the training?

Today this 3rd blog of the Training Analyst, talks about measuring the business benefits of the training we are being
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<b>How to measure the business benefits of the training?</b>

The World of HR and IT – Change is here!

The world of HR and employment is about to change beyond recognition. Massive advances this year in the area of
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<b>The World of HR and IT – Change is here!</b>

How to calculate cost of Training & ROI?

In the second of three blogs explaining the core themes of this upcoming training seminar, we explore the need for
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<b>How to calculate cost of Training & ROI?</b>

Believe that You can Start to measure the Impact

Imagine the Situation You are sitting down with a department head to review the impact of a 2 week long programme
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<b>Believe that You can Start to measure the Impact</b>

Time for Change in HR

There has never been a more exciting time to be in Human Resources. In the next two year, there will
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<b>Time for Change in HR</b>

The Value of Auditing

This article is about the value of analysis and auditing skills in understanding and improving business processes and organisations, whether
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<b>The Value of Auditing</b>

Genetic Algorithms

Charles Darwin famously said that it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but
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<b>Genetic Algorithms</b>

7 Essential Skills of Positive People

Positive people will have the following attitudes and attributes: 1.    They believe in themselves. Dr. Joyce Brothers said, "Many people succeed even
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<b>7 Essential Skills of Positive People</b>

Latest Articles

Justifying the Value, as well as the Assurance of Training and Development

January 15, 2017   © Copyright Glomacs

In business, we often hear the terms ‘USP’ (Unique Selling Point) or the ‘differentiator’. These two terms (and similar), are used to describe the competitive advantage of one organisation over others. Organisations will focus on… Read More

The Important Skills They Don’t Teach in Finance Courses

January 12, 2017   © Copyright Glomacs

Have you ever looked around at your audience whilst you were making a financial presentation to be met by a sea of confused, or bored, faces?  If you have, it’s hardly surprising because few, if… Read More

How to Think Like a Great Strategist?

January 9, 2017   © Copyright Glomacs

The ability to think strategically is one of the key competencies that organisations look for in their leaders. The opposite style of ‘linear thinking’, when the past is used to predict the future, is now… Read More

Helping You Study

January 5, 2017   © Copyright Glomacs

It is important to understand how to get the best out of studying. In order to do this we must appreciate when we are at our best to absorb information and knowledge. The human mind… Read More

Successful Strategic Decision-Making

January 3, 2017   © Copyright Glomacs

  It is essential to understand how finance influences strategic decision-making in any organisation because it is the foundation for economic survival, development, growth and future prosperity. Are you familiar with the core principles of… Read More

Turning Vision and Values into Everyday Practice

December 18, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

Have you ever noticed that some organisations have employees whose behaviour is consistent with the organisation’s Vision and Culture? …whereas other organisations say the right things but the reality is much different. The secret to… Read More

The Challenge for Leaders to Ensure Strategic Success in 2017

December 15, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

2016 has been a year of unprecedented political change and upheaval in western democracies. The unexpected vote to leave the European Union in the UK; the election of Donald J. trump as President of the… Read More

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