Listen To and Learn From Disruptive Operation

Introduction – Why Innovate? Disruptive innovation is one of the most exciting developments to enter the mainstream of strategic management
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<b>Listen To and Learn From Disruptive Operation</b>

Have We Made A Salad Out Of Procurement, Purchasing And Buying?

  In the current context, the terms purchasing and procurement are interchangeably used, and despite their similarities they mean different. Procurement involves
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<b>Have We Made A Salad Out Of Procurement, Purchasing And Buying?</b>

It Can’t Happen to Us!

Organisations are vulnerable from any failures of their day-to-day risk controls, which can lead to serious consequences that will have
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<b>It Can’t Happen to Us!</b>

NEGOTIATING USING MEDIATION TECHNIQUES: Solving Difficult Problems in the Workplace

Managers today spend a significant amount of their time and energy attempting to reconcile differences and tensions that arise between
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<b>NEGOTIATING USING MEDIATION TECHNIQUES: <i>Solving Difficult Problems in the Workplace</i></b>

7 Steps to Motivation through Mastery

Getting the best from team members has always been high on the priority list for supervisors, managers and leaders. To achieve
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<b>7 Steps to Motivation through Mastery</b>

BACK-ROOM TO BOARDROOM: The 6 Core Competencies of a Modern Finance Professional

In the globally competitive world of the 21st century financial professionals, and the finance function itself, are under greater scrutiny
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<b>BACK-ROOM TO BOARDROOM: <i>The 6 Core Competencies of a Modern Finance Professional</i></b>

Instant Ways to Make Money from
Great Customer Service

Customer service has been regarded as a ‘nice-to-have rather than an essential. Think about this: keeping an existing customer is
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<b>Instant Ways to Make Money from <br><i>Great Customer Service</i></b>

We just couldn’t resist publishing this…

  Those who follow our blogs would have certainly noticed that this section is usually devoted for informative articles that benefits
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<b>We just couldn’t resist publishing this…</b>

Latest Articles

Looking Back on 2015

January 11, 2016  By Nicholas Ross-Clunis

Looking back on 2015 three things come to mind. The drastic drop in oil prices; the new regulations introduced in the European Union; and the greater application of Key Performance Indicators within companies. The past… Read More

“I Would, If I Could – If Only…”

January 11, 2016  By Peter Doyle

I am a very lucky man. I am an international trainer and I am privileged to be given the opportunity to deliver a range of courses to a variety of professional people from many different… Read More

Training at the Cutting Edge

January 11, 2016  By Gerald H. Bradley

Producing Professional Peak Performance, 21st Century Training We are living in an incredible world of change and leadership transitions. As goes the leader, so goes the pack! This is so true from family, to the… Read More

Motivation and Getting Results for 2016 and Beyond

December 27, 2015  By Dr. Tony Miller

I could write an endless story about motivation and how historically it’s been achieved. I would rather focus on key issues that have shaped our ideas on motivation and in particular things that really work… Read More

Fair Pay?

December 27, 2015  By Dr Tony Miller

Employers are increasingly getting dissatisfied with using standard pay packages only to find that they don’t work well for their organisation. Using a dashboard approach to measurement, the three main ingredients which make up productivity… Read More

Towards Wellness

December 23, 2015  By Dr. Leonard Yong

The basic human needs of security and significance determine a person’s behaviour. I AM deeply grateful to psychologist Dr. Larry Crabb for expressing his views that humans have deepest longings for the two basic human… Read More

Making Training Pay

December 23, 2015  By Dr. Tony Miller

Does training add value? If you ask any HR department all training function the answer would certainly be yes. What’s the same question to the CP or CF any answer would be completely different. So… Read More

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