Keys to Successful Business Alliances

Periodically, the popular business press reports on very successful high-profile strategic partnerships and joint ventures – or a large consortium
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<b>Keys to Successful Business Alliances</b>

The Changing Face of Training

There have big three cyclic changes in the world of work since the industrial revolution: The Capitalist and the `industrialist 1760
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<b>The Changing Face of Training</b>

How to measure the business benefits of the training?

Today this 3rd blog of the Training Analyst, talks about measuring the business benefits of the training we are being
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<b>How to measure the business benefits of the training?</b>

The World of HR and IT – Change is here!

The world of HR and employment is about to change beyond recognition. Massive advances this year in the area of
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<b>The World of HR and IT – Change is here!</b>

How to calculate cost of Training & ROI?

In the second of three blogs explaining the core themes of this upcoming training seminar, we explore the need for
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<b>How to calculate cost of Training & ROI?</b>

Believe that You can Start to measure the Impact

Imagine the Situation You are sitting down with a department head to review the impact of a 2 week long programme
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<b>Believe that You can Start to measure the Impact</b>

Time for Change in HR

There has never been a more exciting time to be in Human Resources. In the next two year, there will
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<b>Time for Change in HR</b>

The Value of Auditing

This article is about the value of analysis and auditing skills in understanding and improving business processes and organisations, whether
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<b>The Value of Auditing</b>

Genetic Algorithms

Charles Darwin famously said that it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but
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<b>Genetic Algorithms</b>

7 Essential Skills of Positive People

Positive people will have the following attitudes and attributes: 1.    They believe in themselves. Dr. Joyce Brothers said, "Many people succeed even
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<b>7 Essential Skills of Positive People</b>

Latest Articles

Scope Creep: Balancing Risk and Value

June 30, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

Continuing on the topic of project creeps – see previous post “When Problems Creep Into Your Projects – this post is about the most common and well known of the creeps – scope creep. By… Read More

How to Train Cats and Salespeople

June 27, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

Which do you think would be harder to train, a cat or a salesperson? Seriously, which one would you pick? While it’s true that cats have a well-deserved reputation for being independent, demanding and virtually… Read More

Lessons in Strategy from
Four Great Military Leaders of History

June 23, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

Many of us have heard of Sun Tzu, Hannibal and Khalid ibn al-Walid but few of us have heard of the ancient Greek, Pagondas. How exactly can an ancient Greek, a Chinaman, a North African… Read More

The Accounting Numbers – Your Most Reliable and Informed Data Source

June 19, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

The world of business used to be straightforward. Manufacturers made things and sold them to retailers. Retailers displayed these things in stores where customers could buy them. Lawyers, doctors and skilled artisans provided services to… Read More

When Problems Creep Into Your Projects

June 16, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

One morning I woke up with a burning desire to repaint our bedroom walls. They truly needed a lick of paint. But if we want to paint the walls, it would be good to remove… Read More

How to Boost Your Sales in a Down Market

June 12, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

As a professional sales trainer, I have the opportunity to talk with salespeople, from a wide range of industries, representing a variety of products and services. Based on their feedback, I find that while most… Read More

I'm just a Secretary

I’m Just a Secretary

June 6, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘administrator’ and ‘secretary’? Do you think of a skilled professional whose contribution is critical to the success of any organisation? Be honest now! Administrators and… Read More

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