Listen To and Learn From Disruptive Operation

Introduction – Why Innovate? Disruptive innovation is one of the most exciting developments to enter the mainstream of strategic management
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<b>Listen To and Learn From Disruptive Operation</b>

Have We Made A Salad Out Of Procurement, Purchasing And Buying?

  In the current context, the terms purchasing and procurement are interchangeably used, and despite their similarities they mean different. Procurement involves
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<b>Have We Made A Salad Out Of Procurement, Purchasing And Buying?</b>

It Can’t Happen to Us!

Organisations are vulnerable from any failures of their day-to-day risk controls, which can lead to serious consequences that will have
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<b>It Can’t Happen to Us!</b>

NEGOTIATING USING MEDIATION TECHNIQUES: Solving Difficult Problems in the Workplace

Managers today spend a significant amount of their time and energy attempting to reconcile differences and tensions that arise between
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<b>NEGOTIATING USING MEDIATION TECHNIQUES: <i>Solving Difficult Problems in the Workplace</i></b>

7 Steps to Motivation through Mastery

Getting the best from team members has always been high on the priority list for supervisors, managers and leaders. To achieve
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<b>7 Steps to Motivation through Mastery</b>

BACK-ROOM TO BOARDROOM: The 6 Core Competencies of a Modern Finance Professional

In the globally competitive world of the 21st century financial professionals, and the finance function itself, are under greater scrutiny
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<b>BACK-ROOM TO BOARDROOM: <i>The 6 Core Competencies of a Modern Finance Professional</i></b>

Instant Ways to Make Money from
Great Customer Service

Customer service has been regarded as a ‘nice-to-have rather than an essential. Think about this: keeping an existing customer is
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<b>Instant Ways to Make Money from <br><i>Great Customer Service</i></b>

We just couldn’t resist publishing this…

  Those who follow our blogs would have certainly noticed that this section is usually devoted for informative articles that benefits
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<b>We just couldn’t resist publishing this…</b>

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Training Seminar in Dubai Letter

We just couldn’t resist publishing this…

May 31, 2017  

  Those who follow our blogs would have certainly noticed that this section is usually devoted for informative articles that benefits our readers. Today, we are using this space to talk about an inspired person… Read More

Why Not Me?

HEY BOSS… How come I never get promoted?

May 25, 2017  Ms. Mai Newe

Imagine the scenario – it’s appraisal time again and the plaintive cry of a hard working administrator – let’s call him Ahmed for the sake of argument – can be heard echoing through the office… Read More

Strategic Workforce Planning


May 21, 2017  Stephen Cowburn

Most organisations do Manpower Planning – analysing current headcount data, plotting staff movements and seeing where gaps in demand are to inform future resourcing and training activity. Typically this activity is done for the next… Read More


May 17, 2017  Dr. Lawrence E. Salvoni

    “What happened, and what can we do to prevent this from happening again?”   It really is essential that you and your organisation have a confident and professional team able to conduct a… Read More

THE 3D+ PM Model

May 11, 2017  by John de Newtown

Delivering successful projects It is evident with each passing year that the rate of change in organisations of all types continues to increase. So whilst competence in the core skills needed to manage day to… Read More

BRICKS and CLICKS’ – The Challenges that Retailers Face in Logistics and Supply Chains

May 1, 2017  Mr. Tony Evans

‘Bricks and clicks’ is a business model by which a company integrates both offline (bricks) and online (clicks) presences, sometimes with the third extra flips – physical catalogs. Additionally, many will also offer telephone ordering… Read More

How to Build Reputation?

April 18, 2017  Dr. Stephen Holmes

Nothing is more valuable to an organisation than a positive and strong reputation. Abraham Lincoln once said that ‘Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of… Read More

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