The Power of NLP

Back in the mid-1990s I was working as a training manager for a large pharmaceutical company desperately, trying to build...
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<b>The Power of NLP</b>

10 Top Qualities of a Leader

Leaders shape our nation, communities and organizations. What would most people say makes a good leader? A leader should be……...
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<b>10 Top Qualities of a Leader</b>

Seeking to add value to your organisation?
Here’s an opportunity.

  Innovations in Workforce Planning, Organisational Development, Business Efficiency and Analysis. July 29, 2018. This is an opportunity for anyone...
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<b>Seeking to add value to your organisation?</b> <br>Here’s an opportunity.

When we value employees….

Who doesn’t feel to be appreciated and believe that they are of value to others.  Each one of us can...
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<b>When we value employees….</b>

Keys to Successful Business Alliances

Periodically, the popular business press reports on very successful high-profile strategic partnerships and joint ventures – or a large consortium...
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<b>Keys to Successful Business Alliances</b>

The Changing Face of Training

There have big three cyclic changes in the world of work since the industrial revolution: The Capitalist and the `industrialist...
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<b>The Changing Face of Training</b>

How to measure the business benefits of the training?

Today this 3rd blog of the Training Analyst, talks about measuring the business benefits of the training we are being...
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<b>How to measure the business benefits of the training?</b>

The World of HR and IT – Change is here!

The world of HR and employment is about to change beyond recognition. Massive advances this year in the area of...
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<b>The World of HR and IT – Change is here!</b>

How to calculate cost of Training & ROI?

In the second of three blogs explaining the core themes of this upcoming training seminar, we explore the need for...
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<b>How to calculate cost of Training & ROI?</b>

Believe that You can Start to measure the Impact

Imagine the Situation You are sitting down with a department head to review the impact of a 2 week long...
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<b>Believe that You can Start to measure the Impact</b>

Latest Articles

Looking Back on 2015

January 11, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

Looking back on 2015 three things come to mind. The drastic drop in oil prices; the new regulations introduced in the European Union; and the greater application of Key Performance Indicators within companies. The past… Read More

“I Would, If I Could – If Only…”

January 11, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

I am a very lucky man. I am an international trainer and I am privileged to be given the opportunity to deliver a range of courses to a variety of professional people from many different… Read More

Training at the Cutting Edge

January 11, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

Producing Professional Peak Performance, 21st Century Training We are living in an incredible world of change and leadership transitions. As goes the leader, so goes the pack! This is so true from family, to the… Read More

Motivation and Getting Results for 2016 and Beyond

December 27, 2015   © Copyright Glomacs

I could write an endless story about motivation and how historically it’s been achieved. I would rather focus on key issues that have shaped our ideas on motivation and in particular things that really work… Read More

Fair Pay?

December 27, 2015   © Copyright Glomacs

Employers are increasingly getting dissatisfied with using standard pay packages only to find that they don’t work well for their organisation. Using a dashboard approach to measurement, the three main ingredients which make up productivity… Read More

Towards Wellness

December 23, 2015   © Copyright Glomacs

The basic human needs of security and significance determine a person’s behaviour. I AM deeply grateful to psychologist Dr. Larry Crabb for expressing his views that humans have deepest longings for the two basic human… Read More

Making Training Pay

December 23, 2015   © Copyright Glomacs

Does training add value? If you ask any HR department all training function the answer would certainly be yes. What’s the same question to the CP or CF any answer would be completely different. So… Read More

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