Implementation of Modern Record Management

Modern companies and institutions have and continue to create a high volume of data, which is stored in documents and...
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<b>Implementation of Modern Record Management</b>

Engineering and Science based qualifications, the most successful disciplines for Leadership

Starting out as an engineer is the leading first job to becoming a potential CEO for one of the top...
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<b>Engineering and Science based qualifications, the most successful disciplines for Leadership</b>

Rules of the Game for Your Industry

Recent events and crises in world financial markets have highlighted the inter-dependency of the various financial services industries that together...
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<b>Rules of the Game for Your Industry</b>

Ten Reasons to Use Structural Steel

Why use Structural Steel? Here are the top TEN Reasons: Cost-effective - Compared to other framing materials, structural steel brings...
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<b>Ten Reasons to Use Structural Steel</b>

Influence of Globalization on Urban Landscape

What Is Sustainable Urban Development? As you can find on Wikipedia: “Sustainable development is the organizing principle for meeting human...
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<b>Influence of Globalization on Urban Landscape</b>

Red Flags – Beware of Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing

Criminal activity is undertaken by organized groups to generate revenue or provide a benefit to those undertaking the activity.  Laundering...
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<b>Red Flags – Beware of Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing</b>

The Way of Digitalized Life

The high rise of technology and the adoption of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and different simulation methods, as well...
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<b>The Way of Digitalized Life</b>

The World of Selling has Changed

Product knowledge, sales techniques and attitude have always been the three unshakable pillars of sales world.  However, the world of...
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<b>The World of Selling has Changed</b>

The Greatest Challenge for Managers

Every business decision carry risk. For a long time, this topic has figured in the courses offered by GLOMACS in...
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<b>The Greatest Challenge for Managers</b>

Budgets and Pigeons

Some years ago I was advising a client organisation with regard to its budgeting and planning. A big part of...
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<b>Budgets and Pigeons</b>

Latest Articles

The Paradox of Lean Leadership?

January 28, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

Is there a juxtaposition between the application of Lean and the necessity for leadership? Why is Lean Leadership so very challenging? Well, the challenge here is between leaders who are put into a position with… Read More

Adversity Gives You Strength!

January 13, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

How can you stay self-motivated and productive in the midst of turbulent times and a sluggish economy? How do you persevere as a salesperson when times are tough and customers seem to be holding on… Read More

The Four Cornerstones of Superior Customer Service

January 13, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

The heart of any company can be found beating inside the walls of its customer service department. Providing superior customer service after the sale is a smart business decision that pays long-term dividends. All the… Read More

It Pays to Go the Extra Mile

January 13, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

The most successful companies and the highest paid salespeople place great value on developing lifetime relationships with their customers and actively look for opportunities to render service above and beyond their customers’ expectations. In today’s competitive… Read More

Are You a Bridge Builder?

January 13, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

Over the years, I have been fortunate to have had many people come into my life and take the time to mentor and guide me along my career path. Mentors, like bridge builders, help people… Read More

Six Powerful Prospecting Tips to Build Your Business

January 13, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

Why is it that some sales reps consistently earn a six-figure annual income while other reps, putting in the same hours, selling the same products, and trained by the same sales manager struggle each month… Read More

Looking Back on 2015

January 11, 2016   © Copyright Glomacs

Looking back on 2015 three things come to mind. The drastic drop in oil prices; the new regulations introduced in the European Union; and the greater application of Key Performance Indicators within companies. The past… Read More

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