Which Wireline Tools Do You Know That Can Measure Porosity?

If you believe that for most of you this will be a very easy question to answer, think it twice,
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<b>Which Wireline Tools Do You Know That Can Measure Porosity?</b>

4 Principles to Improve FMECA Sessions and Quality

Failure Mode, Effect and Criticality Analysis is a convenient method to gather knowledge and experience about the behavior of your
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<b>4 Principles to Improve FMECA Sessions and Quality</b>

Corporate Finance in a Nutshell: A Jargon-Free Guide

It is no surprise that the term ‘Corporate Finance’ is not generally well understood, because even the accountants seem to
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<b>Corporate Finance in a Nutshell: A Jargon-Free Guide</b>

The Future of Global Oil and Gas Business

The Global Oil and Gas Business is going through a period of significant change.  The outlook for prices is uncertain,
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<b>The Future of Global Oil and Gas Business</b>

Waterworld – The Earth Has Seen It Before

Waterworld is a 1995 American post-apocalyptic science fiction action film starring Kevin Costner. The setting of the film is in
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<b>Waterworld – The Earth Has Seen It Before</b>

Keep Your Financial Accounting Skills Set-Sharp & Relevant

“Are you losing touch with your financial accounting know-how and getting left behind in today’s world of rapid change and
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<b>Keep Your Financial Accounting Skills Set-Sharp & Relevant</b>

لا للقلق

ما هي الضغوط؟ هي مجموعة المتغيرات الجسمية والنفسية التي تحدث للفرد أثناء مواجهته للمواقف المحيطة التي تمثل تهديدا له. أي الضغوط
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<center><b>لا للقلق</b></center>

7 Listening Tips to Improve Communication Effectiveness

Where communication is poor, mistakes arise, relationships breakdown and opportunities are missed!  There is a real distinction between merely hearing
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<b>7 Listening Tips to Improve Communication Effectiveness</b>

Latest Articles


The Bolts & Nuts About Logistics And Supply Chain Management

July 6, 2017  Prof. Dr. Perumal Magayson

“Supply Chain cannot tolerate even 24 hours of disruption. So if you lose your place in supply chain because of wild behavior you could lose a lot. It would be like pouring cement down one… Read More

Wind Power Technology

“Renewable Energy And Lower Carbon Footprint For A Greener World”

July 2, 2017  Mr. Mohamed Patail

Modern electrical power systems involve new methods of exploring renewable energy. It includes the ‘green generation’ of electricity by means of PV Solar Systems, Wind Power Technology, Geothermal Technology and Hydro Power. The determination and… Read More


Watch the “S” Word

June 29, 2017  Mr. Steve McGrady

Strategy – Many people find strategy complicated, difficult and confusing. This isn’t because strategic thinking is that difficult, but largely because there are many topics that are described as ‘strategic’ and a large number of… Read More

First time manager

Oops…Hang On, I’m the Manager Now! – 5 To Dos for First Time Managers

June 28, 2017  Ms. Mai Newe

So you’ve been newly promoted to being a Manager – Congratulations!  Now after all the excitement at your promotion has died down you are probably realising that being a great manager doesn’t happen automatically –… Read More

Listen to and Learn from Disruptive Operation

Listen To and Learn From Disruptive Operation

June 22, 2017  Dr Daniel Park

Introduction – Why Innovate? Disruptive innovation is one of the most exciting developments to enter the mainstream of strategic management in the past 20 years. The process of disruption introduces radical change in products, services… Read More

Have we made a Salad out of Procurement, Purchasing and Buying?

Have We Made A Salad Out Of Procurement, Purchasing And Buying?

June 19, 2017  Prof. Dr. Perumal Magayson

  In the current context, the terms purchasing and procurement are interchangeably used, and despite their similarities they mean different. Procurement involves the process of selecting vendors, establishing payment terms and strategic vetting.    … Read More

Risk Control

It Can’t Happen to Us!

June 15, 2017  Dr. Michael Wilkinson

Organisations are vulnerable from any failures of their day-to-day risk controls, which can lead to serious consequences that will have a significant impact on their financial bottom line, from fatalities, plant damage, loss of image,… Read More

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