Rules of the Game for Your Industry

Recent events and crises in world financial markets have highlighted the inter-dependency of the various financial services industries that together...
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<b>Rules of the Game for Your Industry</b>

Ten Reasons to Use Structural Steel

Why use Structural Steel? Here are the top TEN Reasons: Cost-effective - Compared to other framing materials, structural steel brings...
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<b>Ten Reasons to Use Structural Steel</b>

Influence of Globalization on Urban Landscape

What Is Sustainable Urban Development? As you can find on Wikipedia: “Sustainable development is the organizing principle for meeting human...
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<b>Influence of Globalization on Urban Landscape</b>

Red Flags – Beware of Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing

Criminal activity is undertaken by organized groups to generate revenue or provide a benefit to those undertaking the activity.  Laundering...
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<b>Red Flags – Beware of Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing</b>

The Way of Digitalized Life

The high rise of technology and the adoption of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and different simulation methods, as well...
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<b>The Way of Digitalized Life</b>

The World of Selling has Changed

Product knowledge, sales techniques and attitude have always been the three unshakable pillars of sales world.  However, the world of...
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<b>The World of Selling has Changed</b>

The Greatest Challenge for Managers

Every business decision carry risk. For a long time, this topic has figured in the courses offered by GLOMACS in...
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<b>The Greatest Challenge for Managers</b>

Budgets and Pigeons

Some years ago I was advising a client organisation with regard to its budgeting and planning. A big part of...
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<b>Budgets and Pigeons</b>

Six Powerful Tips for Career Advancement

If you’re interested in finding out how to improve your professional development and get promoted quickly, I encourage you to...
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<b>Six Powerful Tips for Career Advancement</b>

Wellness of the Mind Using CBT

CBT - It has been proven effective for anxiety and other mental health problems, but What exactly is CBT? Cognitive...
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<b>Wellness of the Mind Using CBT</b>

Latest Articles

Seeking to add value to your organisation?
Here’s an opportunity.

July 26, 2018   © Copyright Glomacs

  Innovations in Workforce Planning, Organisational Development, Business Efficiency and Analysis. July 29, 2018. This is an opportunity for anyone who seeks to add value to their organisation – to attend. This course is new… Read More

When we value employees….

July 5, 2018   © Copyright Glomacs

Who doesn’t feel to be appreciated and believe that they are of value to others.  Each one of us can contribute to creating a positive environment where all who work for and with us know… Read More

Keys to Successful Business Alliances

June 21, 2018   © Copyright Glomacs

Periodically, the popular business press reports on very successful high-profile strategic partnerships and joint ventures – or a large consortium that was a ‘win-win’ for everyone involved.  The appeal of such business alliances comes from… Read More

The Changing Face of Training

June 10, 2018   © Copyright Glomacs

There have big three cyclic changes in the world of work since the industrial revolution: The Capitalist and the `industrialist 1760 – 1980. The Knowledge worker and the Knowledge Manager 1980 – 1990. Generation Y… Read More

How to measure the business benefits of the training?

May 27, 2018   © Copyright Glomacs

Today this 3rd blog of the Training Analyst, talks about measuring the business benefits of the training we are being commissioned by our stakeholders to provide. Previous blogs on this topic have discussed the need… Read More

The World of HR and IT – Change is here!

May 14, 2018   © Copyright Glomacs

The world of HR and employment is about to change beyond recognition. Massive advances this year in the area of Artificial Intelligence and in particular the area known as deep learning have set the world… Read More

How to calculate cost of Training & ROI?

May 2, 2018   © Copyright Glomacs

In the second of three blogs explaining the core themes of this upcoming training seminar, we explore the need for training specialists, and others involved in, or responsible for, training, to really understand the cost… Read More

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