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Successful Strategy

If your Strategy is just a List of Goals & Good Intentions, It is likely to fail

September 19, 2017  

Prague, Czech Republic (September 19, 2017) — What makes the difference between a successful strategy that drives your organisation to success, and a poor strategy that wastes time, resource and effort to deliver little if… Read More

Leadership is about people

Leadership is about People and for People

September 18, 2017  

This week Dubai, “Building Personal Leadership Skills” being conducted by Gerald H. Bradley, one of GLOMACS’ Senior consultants who has conducted over 250 specialised training courses (with over 6,500 lectures) in this area of leadership!… Read More

Great Leadership

Great Leaders Inspire Followership

September 17, 2017  

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (September 17, 2017) Management and Leadership professionals who attended this seminar from training leaders Glomacs in Amsterdam last week have been refining and refreshing their Leadership skills. Managing a successful team or… Read More

Learning & Development Coordinator

The Role of the L&D Professional is Changing!

September 17, 2017  

Dubai, UAE (September 17, 2017) — Years ago the job of a Learning & Development Coordinator was very much an administrative function in the department – but not anymore! Today’s L&D professionals are the SUPERGLUE… Read More

What happens when your electrical system and equipment fails?

What happens when your electrical system and equipment fails?

September 14, 2017  

    In a modern era any failure or interruptions of power supply is unacceptable. Nevertheless, power and equipment failures still persist. The main contributing factor is the lack of maintenance culture. In order to… Read More

team leaders build their teams

What do the great teams do, that the others fail to do?

September 13, 2017  

How do 21st century team leaders build their teams to be collaborative, self-reliant, motivated and productive? Managers and leaders attending a power packed course from training leaders GLOMACS in Dubai this week learned how the… Read More

Advanced Office Management & Effective Administration Skills

الادارة المتقدمة للمكاتب للسكرتارية والاداريين

September 13, 2017  

بما أن مهنة مدير المكاتب أو السكرتير التنفيذي أو الأمين للمكتب تحتاج إلى إتقان المهارات الشخصية والسلوكية للاحتفاظ بقدرتهم على التحكم والسيطرة على المهام الموكلة إليهم فقد تم خلال هذا الأسبوع انعقاد برنامج الادارة المتقدمة… Read More

What do you do when traditional marketing fails?

September 12, 2017  

Marketing professionals attending a new course from training leaders GLOMACS in Dubai this week learn how the internet, smartphones and social media have changed marketing forever – and what to do about it. Marketing Communications… Read More


Your definite guide to the week (37) ahead – What’s on in Dubai?

September 6, 2017  

GLOMACS gears up for another busy week ahead in Dubai. Here are the confirmed events in Dubai that you might not want to miss next week. International Oil Supply, Transportation, Refining & Trade This 5-Days… Read More

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