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10 Day Training Seminars

Subject experts in GLOMACS have carefully selected modules that complement each other and developed a variety of synergized trainings that bridges the two related disciplines. These courses will give you a wider skill set and a greater, more varied knowledge of your chosen field of study. Employers around the world are increasingly recognizing that two or three week courses can be an added benefit and having a broader range of skills should be an advantage in the career progression.

GLOMACS 10-day training courses and seminars represents the single largest collection in the world that has got multiple successful sessions in the past. What this means is confidence.

Participants in the past embraced these courses – Now it’s Your Turn!

Course List
Achieving Leadership Excellence
Advanced Project Management
Building Core Leadership & Supervisory Competencies
Building Core Leadership, Supervisory & Team Competencies
Building Core Supervisory & Team Competencies
Competence Development Masterclass for Secretaries and Administrators
Contract & Project Risk Management& Compliance
Cost Effective Strategies for the Maintenance of Electrical Power Systems
Creative Strategic Planning & Leadership
Developing Excellence in People Leadership
Excellence in Warehouse and Inventory
Financial Analysis, Planning & Controlling Budgets
Financial Strategy & Accounting Skills
HR Processes, Culture, & Change Management Programme
Leadership and Management - Masterclass
Leadership Mastery
Maintenance Strategy Development and Cost Effective Implementation
Petroleum Refining-Production Planning, Scheduling and Yield Optimisation
Priority Management
Procurement and Supply Chain Management Best Practices
Project Appraisal and Risk Management
Project Management for the Oil and Gas Industry
Quality Assurance and Management System
The 10-Day Advanced Financial Modelling & Petroleum Project Economics
The 10-Day Advanced Health & Safety Leadership
The 10-Day Advanced Project Economics & Performance Management for Oil & Gas Professionals
The 10-Day Advanced Project Economics & Risk Management for Oil & Gas Professionals
The 10-Day Essential Skills for Oil & Gas Managers & Supervisors
The 10-Day HSE Program
The 10-Day International Financial Reporting & Treasury Risk Management for the Oil & Gas Industry
The 10-Day International Gas Business Management
The 10-Day International Oil & Gas Business Management
The 10-Day International Petroleum Management
The 10-day MBA for Oil and Gas Professionals
The 10-Day Oil and Gas Contracts Training
The Contracts & Project Management MBA
The Management & Leadership Development Programme
The Oxford 10-Day MBA
The Oxford Advanced Finance Programme
The Oxford Advanced Management Programme
The Oxford Advanced Management & Leadership Programme
The Oxford Advanced Finance Leaders Programme
The Oxford Financial Excellence Programme
The Oxford High Impact Strategic Leadership Programme
The Oxford HRM & Training Programme
The Strategic Leader

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