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Excellent customer service should be at the heart of your business if you wish to be successful. It is important to provide good customer service; to all types of customers, including potential, new and existing customers. Good customer service relates to the service your employees provide before, during and after a purchase. Improving your customer service skills can lead to greater customer satisfaction and a more enjoyable experience for them.

GLOMACS’ team of highly experienced associates not only cover the skills to deliver excellent customer service but also to manage this vital function, develop strategies that work and to deal effectively with the growing demand for rapid delivery of service via social media.  Make us your trusted partner in maintaining excellence in this business-critical area.

Course List
Achieving Excellence in Customer Service Click for Details
Beyond Customer Service Click for Details
Client Management Strategies for Retention & Growth Click for Details
Customer Focused Management Click for Details
Customer - Focused Selling Strategies Click for Details
Customer Profiling Techniques & Procedures Click for Details
Customer Service for the Public Sector Click for Details
ILM® Endorsed Service Quality and Excellence Click for Details
Measuring and Managing Customer Satisfaction Click for Details
Training Management & Organisational Learning Click for Details

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