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Instrumentation & Process Control
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GLOMACS are proud to offer world leading courses in Instrumentation Systems and Process Control. Each of the courses offered under this category will be delivered to delegates by highly motivating presenters who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this subject area. The courses are continually monitored and updated in line with both existing and emerging trends in Instrumentation and Process Control Systems.

Every Supervisor, Technician and Engineer involved, in whatever way, in the Instrumentation and/or Process Control sector should constantly strive to update their knowledge and skill-set in Instrumentation systems. By exploring and attending these courses and so acquiring an understanding of their content the delegate will be able to attain their full potential in this vital sector of the industry.

Course List
Alarm Management Click for Details
Control Valves & Actuators Click for Details
Data Communication & Fieldbus System Click for Details
Fiscal Metering Systems Click for Details
Flow Measurement and Custody Transfer Click for Details
Hydrocarbon Fiscal Flow Metering Click for Details
Info-Graphics: Data Analysis and Reporting Techniques Click for Details
Modern Wi-Fi Solutions to Instrumentation and Control Click for Details
PLC, Telemetry & SCADA Technologies Click for Details
Process Control & Safeguarding Click for Details
Process Control Cybersecurity Click for Details
Process Measurement, Instrumentation & Process Control Click for Details
Refinery Critical Equipment Operation for Compressors, Turbines and Pumps Click for Details
Safety Instrumentation and Emergency Shut-down Systems Click for Details
Valves & Actuators Technology Click for Details

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