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Our training courses in Business Strategy and Planning address the most significant question facing managers in today’s business – how do we create tomorrow’s organisation out of today’s organisation? The answer to this question can be provided only by means of a programme of rigorous analysis and actionable planning. Completing these courses will put you in a position to make a significant contribution to the processes of change and development that are needed if an organisation is to remain competitive and effective in an increasingly global business environment.

Under the guidance of our highly skilled and experienced instructors, you will develop your skills in international business analysis, strategic choice, linkage with operational management, supply chain dynamics, finance, and other vital activities on which business success can be gained and sustained. Our training courses will introduce you to contemporary best practice in each of these fields and will enable you to build the required core competencies, strengthen your management skills and enhance your confidence and effectiveness in identifying and implementing performance improvement initiatives. Register today to obtain the knowledge you need to broaden your skill set and drive your organisation’s bottom line profitability.

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