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In House Seminars

Bring Training In-House

If it’s difficult for your employees to attend training courses away from the workplace, let us come to you!

Sending an individual employee to a training course can be the best investment and the effective way for that person to learn new skills and gain new knowledge. But what if there are group of employees in your organization who need the same training? Then an in-house training course option is by far the most effective and economical solution for your organization.

Our team of world-class instructors can deliver the training you need, when you need it and where you need it.

Organizations, large or small, have a very important decision to make when seeking out management training programs for their employees. Employee training is an essential investment for companies who wish to compete in a fast-changing business world. When an organization has a number of employees who need to learn new skills, in-house training is oftentimes the most economical and ideal solution.

GLOMACS In-House training offers you the opportunity to benefit from the wide ranging expertise of our extensive pool of experienced trainers.

Why bring training in-house?

In-house training has some very strong advantages that may seem to make it the obvious choice for training employees. Most importantly, the training course itself can be developed specifically for your company and the way it conducts business, and to meet the specific training requirements of your employees.

Major benefits include the following:

  • Operational Convenience – Running training at a specific location and date to suit operational requirements
  • Customized Delivery Times – It’s more convenient – you can pick a date that suits you. The training is scheduled when it is convenient for your employees. For example, two days, three days, a week or 1 or 2 days per group for 3 to 4 consecutive groups rather than an entire one week away from work.
  • Customized Content – The training is fully-customized for any team, department, for your organization. You have the advantage to customize course content and learning scenarios to suit operational procedures unique to your organization
  • Customized Training Materials – In House course can address specific issues within your organization. Your employees can feel comfortable sharing sensitive information and discussing real life examples incorporating organization-specific documents
  • Travel & Accommodation Savings Running the course at your premises reduces staff travel time and expenses. You will make dramatic cost savings in travel time, transport costs and accommodation for staff attending public courses.
  • Consistency & Emphasis – Providing consistency of message and emphasis to all staff at the same time – not always the case when they go to different training sessions
  • Fixed Pricing – We charge a standard daily rate so the cost per delegate is very economical. A fixed price provides you an opportunity to extend the training to clients, either internal or external, free of charge as a value-addition and for relationship building
  • Confidentiality – Training is confidential, allowing teams to discuss and work on real issues as our trainers will gladly sign confidentiality agreements. In house training provides an environment that allows participants to discuss matters that may be organizational in confidence
  • Team Building – Creating a team building opportunity. In-house training encourages team building and better understanding of one another.
  • Zero or Reduced Travel – Employee travel is reduced or even eliminated
  • Better Group Dynamics – Your employees will learn to “speak the same language” during the training, which makes training stick

Organizations which have a number of people with similar training needs often find our In-house training to be the most effective, flexible method of developing groups of people. We are able to tailor any of the training courses within our broad portfolio to suit the unique needs of your organization, and to design and deliver new, bespoke seminars on your behalf.

Our In-house training offers you the opportunity to benefit from the wide ranging expertise of our extensive pool of experienced trainers. All of our trainers have successful track records in doing the job and have highly developed training skills as a result of delivering similar courses in related businesses.

Every organization is different. Whatever challenges you face, we can work with you to enhance your organization’s performance through bespoke training and consultancy which includes:

  • Training Needs Analysis and Identification
  • Definition of Learning Objectives
  • Drafting and Development of Training Syllabus
  • Learning Assessment – Reporting
  • Evaluation and Optimization
  • Certification

You can select components from a number of different GLOMACS courses for a customized solution, specific to your organization’s individual needs. If you have a group of staff who require training, an in-house course could be the perfect solution. Contact GLOMACS by emailing for more information or a quotation. Or to discuss your individual or group training needs, call us on +9714-4250700.

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