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“Where HR Meets Strategy”

May 21, 2017  

All organisations have an HR strategy. How it is implemented is the key to organisational success. The Strategic Workforce Planning Masterclass provides the challenge and the answers to implementing strategic workforce plans to achieve success.… Read More

Can’t miss these awesome events

May 17, 2017  

Continuing the winning streak further to the week of 21, next week some of the finest events are scheduled in 4 Cities across 6 luxurious hotels featuring 12 special events by 12 subject experts. Advanced… Read More

The big events you can’t afford to miss

May 10, 2017  

The 20th calendar week of 2017 features 16 Events, 16 Subject Experts, 6 Cities, 7 World Class Venues by GLOMACS. GLOMACS gears up for a busy week ahead. Here are the confirmed events that you… Read More

Out-of-the-Box Thinking Towards Zero Accident Vision

April 9, 2017  

“We seem to have passed the time where the need was for further engineering and design safety, what we have to do now is to capture the Human Factors”, explained Dr. Lawrence E. Salvoni, Senior Consultant… Read More

Encourage Complaints…Why?

April 2, 2017  

Because a complaining customer is providing a company with an invaluable service. In a stroke they are giving valuable feedback, quality control information and are more often than not, giving you a chance to put… Read More

Mastering People & Teams?

March 30, 2017  

The difference between leadership and management is important to understand.  What makes a leader credible?  Part of the answer is the ability to ‘influence’ others – organisations get more from motivated teams than groups of… Read More

IFRS 16 Will Cause Debt to Balloon. In Some Cases,
It’ll Be Ugly!

March 22, 2017  

Operating leases are actually very much similar to debt. They represent money corporates are obliged to cough up in future to rent things like heavy equipment, planes, ships and retail floor space. But right now… Read More

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