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Game-Changing Strategy in the Oil & Gas Business

August 6, 2017  

The oil and gas industries is going through a period of significant change.  The growth in global demand is coming from newly industrializing markets rather than the more mature economic zones.  This has major implications… Read More

Leadership Rewired: A conversation with Rodger Pyrah

August 3, 2017  

Today, we are bringing you an expert interview with the wonderful Rodger Pyrah. Rodger is an international speaker, consultant, facilitator, trainer, executive coach, and senior instructor of GLOMACS – a professional consulting, training and coaching… Read More

How well are you leading yourself?

August 2, 2017  

“The new kind of business heroes … must learn to operate without the might of the hierarchy behind them. The crutch of authority must be thrown away and replaced by their own ability to make… Read More

Meet the instructor – Dr. Pat Hartwell

August 2, 2017  

We’re pleased and excited to welcome Dr. Pat Hartwell to GLOMACS teaching faculty. As well as being an International Learning & Development Specialist and Professional Speaker, Dr. Hartwell is passionate about helping people to improve… Read More

I Pay When I Can

August 1, 2017  

Sadly, settling your business creditors as and when you can, is not considered a best practice; however, too many business owners implement and run with this idea. Cash Flow and Supplier Relationships are two important… Read More

From Bean Counter to Strategic Finance Business Partner

July 30, 2017  

Are you an accountant who is stuck in the back office? Do you want to get out of the number crunching and become a strategic business partner? The most progressive enterprises have transformed their finance… Read More

job evaluation

Is it time for a Job Evaluation?

July 26, 2017  

“Organizations without a formal job evaluation & analysis policy will be running a huge risk in the near future. The potential fallouts might vary from dissatisfied employees to high employee turnover and equal pay claims”… Read More

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