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I’m a PMP® !

June 5, 2017  

A Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential opens up great opportunities for a project manager, on the career front. Here are the Top 10 benefits of achieving PMP® Credential Sets you apart Recognizes your project management skills worldwide… Read More

I know who did it!

June 4, 2017  

Some senior management around the world still insist on looking for someone to blame after an accident.  I’m going to need a bit more to this root cause other than “I know who did it!”… Read More

Just What the Doctor Prescribed on ‘What Ails a Project Manager’

June 1, 2017  

Project management is about relationships and not just scheduling and documents. Research has shown that Project and Programme Management Specialists spent much more time than the average respondent dealing with people and people issues. Whether… Read More

Don’t presume that a ‘Yes’ always means ‘Yes!’

May 30, 2017  

When your team says ‘Yes’ to a strategy……..what do they really mean?   no matter what, we will make the strategy happen or we will work hard to implement this strategy or we can see… Read More

Comparing Your Performance with the Best

May 25, 2017  

Do you know how your organization is performing when stacked up against competitors? Where you could improve, what you are doing well and what you could do to steer your ship in the right direction? … Read More


May 24, 2017  

When it comes to working with contractors, how many of us always get things right? Have you ever chosen a supplier who didn’t know what he was doing – despite glowing references or an impressive… Read More

“Where HR Meets Strategy”

May 21, 2017  

All organisations have an HR strategy. How it is implemented is the key to organisational success. The Strategic Workforce Planning Masterclass provides the challenge and the answers to implementing strategic workforce plans to achieve success.… Read More

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