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Instructors Wanted

Instructors Wanted!

November 23, 2017  

Be an Instructor for Continuing Education! Do you love what you do? Have you ever thought about sharing your passion with others who wish to learn? GLOMACS is looking for qualified and passionate instructors. If… Read More

Can Leadership be taught?

Can leadership be taught?

November 9, 2017  

London, United Kingdom (November 9, 2017) — Management professionals attending a course from training leaders GLOMACS in London last week learnt how to help their teams release their talents, energy and potential. The course examines… Read More

Explore the Oil & Gas Indsutry

Explore the Oil & Gas Industry

November 7, 2017  

London, United Kingdom (November 7, 2017) — In order to appreciate the complicated technology used in Oil and Gas field operations from the perspective of a non-engineer, then attendance to this course, “International Gas Business“… Read More

Contracting Strategy

A Commonly used Contracting Strategy

November 6, 2017  

Muscat, Oman (November 6, 2017) — Last week, an interactive workshop run in Muscat (also run at various venues around the world during the year) by a barrister of international experience and reputation, having spent… Read More

handling your feelings effectively

Are you handling your feelings effectively?

November 5, 2017  

Would you like to have greater self-management and handle your work stress more effectively? Singapore, Singapore (November 5, 2017) — Supervisors and leaders attended a GLOMACS course last week in Singapore, they learned how to… Read More

Successful management

Successful Management is about many things

It is also about culture, as culture informs all that we do.

November 2, 2017  

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (November 2, 2017) — A mini-MBA does not provide participants with a formal qualification, however it does introduce participants to key areas that would be covered in a formal MBA Programme. It… Read More

Leading Yourself

How well are you leading yourself?

November 1, 2017  

“The new kind of business heroes … must learn to operate without the might of the hierarchy behind them. The crutch of authority must be thrown away and replaced by their own ability to make… Read More

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