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No Matter How Old You Are…. It’s Never Too Late

July 2, 2017  

Emotional Intelligence is essential for workplace accomplishments. Emotionally intelligent employees can help build effective relationships for enhancing work productivity. Understanding and raising your Emotional Intelligence is critical to your success in workplace. Relationships are so… Read More

Results = Training & Development + Performance

June 28, 2017  

You would be hard-pressed to find a manager, or even employer, who is totally confident in their employee training and development program or efforts. It’s tempting to put off staff training indefinitely, waiting until there… Read More

Why A Mini MBA Is Worthy Of Your Consideration

Why A Mini MBA Is Worthy Of Your Consideration?

June 27, 2017  

Many companies operate using old business theories, and this can lead to a stagnant performance. Mini MBA programs provide valuable business administration skills, explore current business theory and practice, and provide an understanding of how… Read More

What Is Conflict In Your Workplace Costing You?

June 22, 2017  

Recent studies commissioned by CPP Inc. — publishers of the Myers-Briggs Assessment and the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument — U.S. employees spend 2.1 hours per week involved with conflict, which amounts to approximately $359 billion… Read More

You Can No Longer Ignore Disruptive Innovation

June 21, 2017  

Your company cannot afford to ignore or underestimate the importance of disruptive innovation.  As markets become more globalised we need to develop our capabilities not only in product and service innovation but in proactively changing… Read More

Top 12 Reasons To Attend “The Art of HR”

June 20, 2017  

Traditionally, the HR function acts as a bridge between the workforce and the organization. “Times have really changed! Today’s HR needs to be the eyes, ears and sometimes the conscience of the organization” says Richard… Read More

Increase Your Earning Power

June 19, 2017  

9th edition of Project Management Salary Survey has provided a comprehensive look at the average project manager’s salary—around the world.  According to this survey, most participants (72%) report that their total compensation (including salary, bonus… Read More

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