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Your definite guide to the week (37) ahead – What’s on in Dubai?

September 6, 2017  

GLOMACS gears up for another busy week ahead in Dubai. Here are the confirmed events in Dubai that you might not want to miss next week. International Oil Supply, Transportation, Refining & Trade This 5-Days… Read More

Safety Training Courses

Stop your next accident before it happens!

August 28, 2017  

Most often, an accident happens because personnel in charge haven’t had the proper training to do their tasks correctly. Even if you already implemented safety training at your company, it may no longer cover appropriate… Read More

Geneva Seminars by Glomacs

GLOMACS Announces Theme and Venue of 2017 Geneva Seminars

August 20, 2017  

Geneva, Switzerland — GLOMACS is pleased to announce that its November 2017 Geneva Seminars, the organization’s flagship annual seminars in Switzerland, will take place at The  Mövenpick Hotel & Casino Geneva.  The 2017 gathering will… Read More

GLOMACS Training Launches Upstream Petroleum Contracts, Accounting & Auditing Policies and Procedures Training Program

August 16, 2017  

GLOMACS  50 hours executive education program will comprehensively cover Production Sharing Contracts, Exploration & Production Agreement (E&P) Exploration & Exploitation Contract, License Agreement. GLOMACS Training is launching the first in a series of Petroleum, petrochemical… Read More

GLOMACS Training Launches Oil & Gas Industry Quality Management System Auditor/Lead Auditor Training Program

August 15, 2017  

GLOMACS  50 hours executive education program provides a broad knowledge of Quality Management Systems in the Oil & Gas Industry, and applicable international ISO standards. GLOMACS Training is launching the first in a series of… Read More

Petrophysics, Science or Art

Petrophysics, Science or Art?

August 15, 2017  

“Petrophysics is a specialty programme that combines knowledge of petroleum engineering, geophysics and geology and quantitatively determines rock and fluid properties. There have been huge investments on new technologies over the last 40 years to… Read More

10 things that Good Supervisors do differently

August 13, 2017  

Becoming a great supervisor is all about developing your team. When your team can efficiently accomplish the tasks, then you can attend training, take a vacation or go to a meeting and the department doesn’t… Read More

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