Certified Courses

Are you looking for a professional award? Why not take this training opportunity to enhance your career potential with one of the many “Certified” training courses chosen from the wide range of seminars provided by GLOMACS.

Each Certified training course is uniquely designed in conjunction with awarding bodies such as the Project Management Institute (PMI)®, Institute of Leaders & Management (ILM), and National Association of State Board of Accountancy (NASBA). Rest assured, like all GLOMACS programmmes, our “Certified” training courses are expertly designed specifically with the needs of the professional in mind.

Course List Educational Partner
A Practical Workshop on Dealing with Construction Insurance NASBA
Accident and Injury Prevention for Petroleum Workers NASBA
Accounting for Non-Accountants NASBA
Accounts Payable From Accounting to Management NASBA
Achieving CMMS Data Integrity NASBA
Achieving Excellence in Customer Service NASBA
Achieving Leadership Excellence NASBA
Achieving Marketing Excellence in Service Organizations  NASBA
Achieving Supervisory Excellence NASBA
Adaptive (Agile) Project Management PMI®   |   NASBA
Administrative Excellence for Secretaries and Administrators NASBA
Advanced Circuit Breaker Operation and Maintenance  NASBA
Advanced Accident Investigation & Reporting NASBA
Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) NASBA
Advanced Budgeting & Cost Management NASBA
Advanced Cash Flow & Working Capital Management NASBA
Advanced Casing Design NASBA
Advanced Data Analysis Techniques NASBA
Advanced Drilling Best Practices NASBA
Advanced Emotional Intelligence NASBA
Advanced Energy Finance Analytics NASBA
Advanced Enterprise Risk Management NASBA
Advanced Finance & Accounting Strategies in the Oil & Gas Industry NASBA
Advanced Financial Statements Analysis NASBA
Advanced Health & Safety Management NASBA
Advanced Investment Appraisal Workshop NASBA
Advanced Logistics & Material Management NASBA
Advanced Materials & Technology in Concrete Industry NASBA
Advanced Mediation Skills NASBA
Advanced Negotiation Skills NASBA
Advanced Office Management & Effective Administration Skills NASBA
Advanced Oil & Gas Project Economics, Risk & Decision Analysis NASBA
Advanced Process HAZOP  NASBA
Advanced Project Management / PMP® Exam Preparation PMI®   |   NASBA
Advanced Public Speaking and Presentation Skills NASBA
Advanced Safety Leadership NASBA
Advanced Selection, Interviewing & Recruitment Skills HRCI   |   NASBA
Advanced Social Media Training NASBA
Advanced Supervisory Skills NASBA
Advanced Tendering Procedures & Bid Evaluation NASBA
Advanced Well Integrity Management NASBA
Advanced Well Log Interpretation NASBA
Alarm Management NASBA
Oil & Gas Field Operations and Commingled Productions Allocations NASBA
Analytical and Auditing Skills NASBA
Applied Biostratigraphy and Sequence Stratigraphy in Oil Exploration & Development NASBA
Applied Reservoir Engineering & Management NASBA
Applying Project Control PMI®   |   NASBA
ARC Flash Hazard Analysis Impact, Control & Safety NASBA
Assessment, Evaluation and Repair of Reinforced Concrete Structure NASBA
Asset Integrity Management for Purpose-Built FPSO’s and Subsea System Facilities NASBA
Auditing Corporate Governance NASBA
Auditing Oil & Gas Industry Quality Management Systems NASBA
Authentic Leadership Courage, Coaching & Ethics NASBA
Basic Formation Evaluation NASBA
Basics of Human Resources Management HRCI   |   NASBA
Behavioural Based Safety  NASBA
Benchmarking Comparing Your Performance with the Best NASBA
Benchmarking Workshop NASBA
Best Practice in Surface Production Operations Management NASBA
Best Practices for Optimizing Warehouse Safety NASBA
Best Practices in Revenue Protection Metering, Billing & Loss Reduction NASBA
Better Energy Management with Transition Engineering NASBA
Beyond Customer Service NASBA
Bidding, Evaluation, Negotiation & Contract Award PMI®   |   NASBA
Big Data Analytics for Supply Chain Optimization NASBA
Big Data Governance: Bad Data or Better Data or Best Data NASBA
Blockchain and other Emerging Technology NASBA
The Law and Practice of Unitisation in the Oil and Gas Industry NASBA
Budget Preparation, Allocation & Cost Control NASBA
Budget Preparation Skills NASBA
Budgeting, Forecasting and the Planning Process NASBA
Building Core Team Competencies Workshop NASBA
Building Mental Toughness Workshop NASBA
Building Personal Leadership Skills NASBA
Building Skills for Working In Teams NASBA
Building Team Excellence NASBA
Business Financial & Accounting Skills NASBA
Business Fundamentals NASBA
Business Improvement & Quality Techniques NASBA
Business Intelligence & Analytics for Finance Professionals NASBA
Business Performance Management Control Frameworks and Dashboards NASBA
Business Process Analysis & Modelling NASBA
Business System Analysis NASBA
Cash Calls in Oil and Gas Venture Operations NASBA
Cathodic Protection System in Oil & Gas Exploration Industry  NASBA
Cementing Technologies NASBA
Centrifugal Compressor & Steam Turbine NASBA
Certificate Course in Advanced Maintenance Management  NASBA
Certificate Course in Creating Maintenance Excellence  NASBA
Certificate Course in Maintenance Planning NASBA
Certificate in Financial Management for Oil and Gas Companies & Petrochemical Industries NASBA
Certificate in Global Downstream Oil & Gas Operations NASBA
Certificate in Global Oil and Gas Management NASBA
Certificate in Global Upstream Oil & Gas Operations NASBA
Certificate in International Oil & Gas Business Management NASBA
Certificate in Leadership Leading in the Real World NASBA
Certificate in Management NASBA
Certificate in Strategic Management in the Oil and Gas Business NASBA
Certificate in Strategy NASBA
Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional NASBA
Certified Compliance Professional NASBA
Client Management Strategies for Retention & Growth  NASBA
Combustion and Heat Transfer for Refinery Operations NASBA
Commercial and Business Contracts PMI®   |   NASBA
Commissioning & Start-Up with API RP 1FSC Foundation NASBA
Company Values, Employee Responsibility and Work Ethics  HRCI   |   NASBA
Competencies: Design, Development and Implementation  NASBA
Competency Development for Supervisory Excellence in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals Industry NASBA
Complex Negotiation Skills in the Oil & Gas NASBA
Concrete Quality Control on Hot Climate NASBA
Concrete Structure Designing for Industrial Projects NASBA
Construction and Concrete Buildings in Gas Plants NASBA
Construction & Building Envelope Inspection NASBA
Construction Contracts Masterclass NASBA
Construction HSE Hazards NASBA
Construction Quality Control On Site NASBA
Construction Supervision Skills PMI®   |   NASBA
Contract & Project Risk Management & Compliance PMI®   |   NASBA
Contract Management from Principles to Action NASBA
Contract Management in Offshore & Marine, EPCIC and Shipyard NASBA
Contract Risk Management & Compliance PMI®   |   NASBA
Contractor Safety Management NASBA
Control Valves & Actuators NASBA
Coring and Conventional Core Analysis NASBA
Corporate Communications Redefined NASBA
Corporate Financial Planning, Budgeting & Control NASBA
Corporate Governance & Risk Management for State & Public Sector Organisations NASBA
Corporate Risk & Crisis Management NASBA
Corporate Social Responsibility NASBA
Corporate Social Responsibility in the Oil & Gas Industry NASBA
Corrosion and Concrete Protection NASBA
Corrosion Management Masterclass NASBA
Cost Accounting and Cost Management in Oil Refineries NASBA
Cost Analysis of Plug and Abandonment Operations NASBA
Cost Effective Strategies for the Maintenance of Electrical Power Systems NASBA
Cost Planning, Control & Optimizationin a Major Oil & Gas Company NASBA
Couplings & Shaft Alignment  NASBA
Creative Leadership in Building Business Relationship NASBA
Creative Strategic Planning & Leadership NASBA
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving for Public Service Leaders  NASBA
Crude Oil and Refined Products Sales, Marketing, Trading and Risk NASBA
Crude Oil Treatments NASBA
Customer Focused Management NASBA
Customer-Focused Selling Strategies  NASBA
Customer Profiling Techniques & Procedures NASBA
Customer Service for the Public Sector NASBA
Data Analysis Techniques NASBA
Data Collection Techniques NASBA
Data Communication & Fieldbus System  NASBA
Data Governance, Privacy with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Masterclass NASBA
Data Management, Security and Warehousing NASBA
Data Visualization NASBA
Decision Making in Projects PMI®   |   NASBA
Decision Making in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry NASBA
Decommissioning of Offshore Installations NASBA
Delivering Successful Projects within the Oil & Gas Industry PMI®   |   NASBA
Designing of Blast Resistant Buildings for Oil & Gas Plants NASBA
Design Considerations for Marine Terminals and Oil & Gas Marine Operating Assets NASBA
Developing an Effective Safety Culture NASBA
Developing Core Skills for Administrators & Secretaries NASBA
Developing Effective Public Policy & Policy Delivery NASBA
Developing Excellence in People Leadership NASBA
Developing Key Leadership Skills to Deliver Better Projects PMI®   |   NASBA
Developing Project Strategy in the Oil and Gas Industry PMI®   |   NASBA
Developing Senior Leadership Presence and Power NASBA
Developing Strategic Partnerships, Joint Ventures, and Consortia NASBA
Diesel Engine NASBA
Directional, Horizontal and Sidetrack Drilling NASBA
Dispute Management & Avoidance in the Energy Sector NASBA
Disruptive Innovation NASBA
Disruptive Innovation & Solutions in Change (D.I.S.C.) NASBA
Due Diligence Appraisal and Management of Potential Investors and Partners NASBA
Dynamic Simulation of Supply Chain and Logistics NASBA
Dynamics of Leadership NASBA
Dynamics of Petroleum Depot Operations NASBA
E-Government Digital Transformation in Government, Innovating Public Policy & Service  NASBA
Economic & Technical Evaluations in Engineering & Maintenance Projects NASBA
Effective Contractor Management in Maintenance & Technical Projects PMI®   |   NASBA
Effective Corporate Communication for the Oil and Gas Industries NASBA
Effective Government Relations for the Oil & Gas Sector   NASBA
Effective Management of Service Station NASBA
Effective Presentation Skills for Finance Professionals NASBA
Effective Project Contracting NASBA
Effective Project Coordination & Management PMI®   |   NASBA
Effective Purchasing and Contract Negotiation Strategies NASBA
The Effective Buyer NASBA
Effective Purchasing, Tendering & Supplier Selection  PMI®   |   NASBA
Electric Submersible Pumps NASBA
Electrical Distribution Equipment Operation & Maintenance NASBA
Electrical Drawings and Control Circuits NASBA
Electrical Equipment & Control Systems Commissioning, Testing & Start-Up of Electrical Systems NASBA
Electrical Installations & Maintenance NASBA
Electrical Installations in Hazardous Areas NASBA
Electrical Protection NASBA
Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Success NASBA
Employee Relations HRCI   |   NASBA
ILM® Endorsed Employee Relationship Specialist ILM   |   HRCI   |   NASBA
Energy Isolation Standards, Techniques and Best Practices NASBA
Energy Optimisation of Oil Refineries NASBA
Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability in Refinery Process Heaters NASBA
Environmental Monitoring and Modelling NASBA
EPCIC Contracts Management NASBA
Essential Facilitation Skills and the Psychology of Groups NASBA
Essential Management Skills for Administrators NASBA
Essential Skills for Effective Training Administration HRCI   |   NASBA
Essential Skills for Oil & Gas Managers & Supervisors NASBA
ILM® Endorsed Essentials of Balanced Scorecard ILM   |   NASBA
Essentials of Corporate Finance NASBA
Essentials of Quality Assurance NASBA
Essentials of Surface Well Test Design & Execution NASBA
Ethical & Compliant Leadership Workshop  NASBA
Evaluating Collaborative Development Opportunities NASBA
ILM® Endorsed Event Management Specialist ILM   |   NASBA
Excellence in Warehouse and Inventory NASBA
Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) Facilitator Skills Training NASBA
Fault Finding Techniques on an Electrical Power System NASBA
Feasibility Analysis PMI®   |   NASBA
Finance & Accounting for Office Administrators & Secretaries NASBA
Financial Accounting & Reporting NASBA
Financial Accounting, Reporting & Business Support in the Oil and Gas Industry NASBA
Financial Analysis, Modelling & Forecasting NASBA
Financial Analysis, Planning & Control NASBA
Financial Analysis, Planning & Controlling Budgets NASBA
Financial Management for Non-Financial Professionals NASBA
Financial Modelling and Petroleum Project Economics NASBA
Financial Risk, Root Cause Analysis & Problem Solving NASBA
Financial Strategy NASBA
Financial Strategy & Accounting Skills NASBA
Fired Heaters and Heat Exchangers NASBA
Fiscal Metering Systems NASBA
FLNG Design and Technology NASBA
FLNG Operation and Maintenance NASBA
Flow Measurement and Custody Transfer NASBA
Forecasting the Prices of Crude-Oil, Natural-Gas and Refined Products NASBA
FPSO Design and Technology NASBA
FPSO Operation and Maintenance NASBA
FPSO/FLNG E&I Design Installation and Operation NASBA
Fraud and Forensic Auditing NASBA
Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigation NASBA
Fundamentals of Asset & Facilities Management NASBA
Fundamentals of Asset Management IAM   |   NASBA
Fundamentals of Deepwater Riser Engineering NASBA
Fundamentals of Exploration & Production NASBA
Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting NASBA
Fundamentals of Formation Evaluation NASBA
Fundamentals of LNG NASBA
Fundamentals of Marketing NASBA
Fundamentals of Offshore Systems Design & Construction NASBA
Oil & Gas Exploration and Production NASBA
Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering NASBA
Fundamentals of Risk Management NASBA
Gas Chromatography and Troubleshooting for the Oil & Gas Industry NASBA
Gas Conditioning & Processing NASBA
Gas Explosion and Other Hazards of LNG Facilities NASBA
Gas Turbine Technology NASBA
Generator Excitation Systems NASBA
Global Energy Markets & Pricing NASBA
Global Procurement & Supply Chain Management for the Oil & Gas Industry  PMI®   |   NASBA
Good to Great NASBA
Governance Arms of Risk Management NASBA
Governance, Risk & Compliance NASBA
Grounding Systems Design & Application NASBA
Guiding Change through Corporate Communications NASBA
Hazardous Waste Management and Pollution NASBA
Heavy Duty Diesel Engine (HDD) Operation and Maintenance NASBA
Hot Tapping and Plugging in Petroleum Industries NASBA
HR as a Strategic Partner HRCI   |   NASBA
HR Master Class on the Future Changes in Human Resources HRCI   |   NASBA
HR Processes, Culture & Change Management Programme HRCI   |   NASBA
ILM® Endorsed HR Professional ILM   |   HRCI   |   NASBA
Human Resources Development & Personnel Management HRCI   |   NASBA
Hydraulic Systems NASBA
Hydrocarbon Loss Reduction NASBA
Hydrocarbon Production Operations NASBA
Hydrotreating and Hydrocracking Process Technology NASBA
Implementation of Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management Systems NASBA
Implementing Effective Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Programmes NASBA
Improved Lean Project Management Practices for Offshore and Marine Developments PMI®   |   NASBA
Improving Business Leadership through Technology NASBA
Improving Operation Performance and Productivity NASBA
Improving Public Sector Performance in the 21st Century NASBA
Incident & Crisis Response Communication Skills NASBA
Info-Graphics Data Analysis and Reporting Techniques NASBA
Infographics & Data Analytics for Oil & Gas Reporting NASBA
Information & Documentation Compliance  NASBA
Initial Public Offering (IPO) NASBA
Innovations in Workforce Planning, Organizational Development, Business Efficiency and Analysis  HRCI   |   NASBA
Innovative Root Cause Analysis NASBA
Integrated Field Development Planning NASBA
Integrated Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Implementing Hazardous Waste Concepts NASBA
Integrating Drilling & Project Management Services PMI®   |   NASBA
Intelligent Transportation System NASBA
Internal Consultancy Skills at Work HRCI   |   NASBA
International Construction Management Seminar NASBA
International Contracting PMI®   |   NASBA
International Dispute Resolution and Arbitration in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry NASBA
IFRS for the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Sectors (Upstream, Midstream & Downstream) NASBA
International Freight Management NASBA
International Gas Business NASBA
International Oil Supply, Transportation, Refining & Trade NASBA
International Petroleum Business NASBA
International Petroleum Marketing NASBA
Inventory & Stock Control Management NASBA
ISO 50001: Energy Management Systems NASBA
Job Evaluation & Analysis HRCI   |   NASBA
Joint Venture Accounting NASBA
Key Account Management Best Practices NASBA
Key Performance Indicators and Optimisation Workshop HRCI   |   NASBA
Laboratory Testing and Management NASBA
LEAD through Disruptive Times NASBA
Leadership and Management - Masterclass NASBA
Leadership, Communications & Interpersonal Skills NASBA
Leadership, Critical Thinking & Innovation NASBA
Leadership Development NASBA
Leadership - Masterclass NASBA
Leadership Mastery NASBA
Leadership & Strategic Thinking in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals Industry NASBA
Leading & Managing Change NASBA
Leading and Managing Change Workshop NASBA
Leading Creatively NASBA
Leading for Organisational Impact HRCI   |   NASBA
Leading for Strategic Success NASBA
Leading from the Inside Out Workshop NASBA
Leading High Performing Teams NASBA
Leading through VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity) NASBA
Leading with Emotional Intelligence NASBA
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program NASBA   |   SSC
Linking Training to Organisational Goals HRCI   |   NASBA
LNG Import Terminal NASBA
LNG Supply, Demand & Pricing NASBA
Loading Master for Oil, LNG/Gas and Petrochemical Terminals NASBA
Log Quality Control and Petrophysics NASBA
Logistics & Supply Chain Management NASBA
Machinery Failure, Vibration & Predictive Maintenance NASBA
Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices NASBA
Maintenance Audit and Site Inspection NASBA
Maintenance Contracting & Outsourcing NASBA
Maintenance Errors NASBA
Maintenance Planning & Work Control in the Oil & Gas NASBA
Maintenance Strategy Development and Cost Effective Implementation NASBA
Management - Masterclass NASBA
Management Systems Auditor Training Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Auditing  NASBA
Managing and Measuring Training, Learning and Development HRCI   |   NASBA
Managing & Negotiating with Consultants & Contractors PMI®   |   NASBA
Managing Business Requirements Using a Project Framework PMI®   |   NASBA
Managing Collaborative Development NASBA
Managing Conflict, Decision Making & Empowerment NASBA
Managing Conflicts & Difficult Situations NASBA
Managing Corporate & Islamic Finance and Corporate Governance NASBA
Managing Efficient Shutdowns & Turnarounds NASBA
Managing Human Capital in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry HRCI   |   NASBA
Managing & Motivating Towards Excellence NASBA
Managing Offshore Field Development & Marine Asset NASBA
Managing Political Risk in the Oil & Gas Sector NASBA
Managing Project Control PMI®   |   NASBA
Managing Project Risks in the Oil & Gas Industry PMI®   |   NASBA
Managing Security Risks in the Oil and Gas Industry NASBA
Managing Tanker Cargo Operations NASBA
Managing Tenders, Specifications & Contracts PMI®   |   NASBA
Managing Training & ROI through ISO 29993:2017 Workshop HRCI   |   NASBA
Managing Vendor Qualification, Performance & Contract Compliance  PMI®   |   NASBA
Market Leadership & Marketing Strategies NASBA
Market Research and Intelligence NASBA
Marketing Communication  NASBA
Marketing Strategies and Planning NASBA
Mastering Contracts Management: The Oxford 5-Day MBA PMI®   |   NASBA
Mastering Corporate Communications NASBA
Mastering Entrepreneurship NASBA
Mastering People Management & Team Leadership NASBA
Mastering Project Management PMI®   |   NASBA
Mastering Sales & Marketing in the Age of New Social Media  NASBA
Mastering the Art of Design Thinking and Agile Creativity NASBA
Mastering the Training Cycle HRCI   |   NASBA
Mastering Workflow NASBA
Materials of Construction for Process Equipment & Piping Systems NASBA
Maximising Your Leadership Effectiveness NASBA
Measuring and Managing Customer Satisfaction ISO 9001 and Beyond NASBA
Mechanical Seals NASBA
Mergers and Acquisitions NASBA
Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists NASBA
Mini MBA for HSE Professionals NASBA
Mini MBA for Learning & Development Professionals in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry HRCI   |   NASBA
Mini MBA for Procurement Professionals PMI®   |   NASBA
Mini MBA: Oil & Gas and Energy Management NASBA
Mini MBA Understanding the Dynamics of the LNG Industry NASBA
Mini MBA Understanding the Dynamics of Petrochemicals Industry NASBA
Mobile Lifting Equipment Operation and Maintenance NASBA
Modern Electrical Power Systems NASBA
Modern Maintenance Technologies NASBA
Modern Power System Protective Relaying  NASBA
Modern Practices in Oil & Gas Contracts, Licensing, Production Rights, Legislation and Agreements NASBA
Modern Wi-Fi Solutions to Instrumentation and Control NASBA
Motivating, Coaching, Counselling & Mentoring HRCI   |   NASBA
Multiple Tasks Workshop PMI®   |   NASBA
NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety  NEBOSH
Negotiating and Managing PPP Contracts NASBA
Negotiation and Conflict Management in Organisations PMI®   |   NASBA
Next Generation Leadership NASBA
Subsea & Marine Design, Operation and Maintenance NASBA
ILM® Endorsed Office Management Specialist ILM   |   NASBA
Offshore Engineering NASBA
Offshore & Marine Projects Risks Management PMI®   |   NASBA
Offshore Oil and Gas Development Projects, Concepts and Facilities NASBA
Offshore Project Assessment PMI®   |   NASBA
Offshore Safety & Risk Management Systems NASBA
Offshore Structure Design, Construction & Maintenance NASBA
Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Accounting & Performance Measurement NASBA
Oil & Gas Contracts PMI®   |   NASBA
Oil and Gas Financial Modelling A Practical Approach NASBA
Oil and Gas Marine Terminals NASBA
Oil & Gas Industry Quality Management System Auditor/Lead Auditor Training NASBA
Oil Refinery Cost Management NASBA
Oil Refinery & Petrochemical Industry Wastewater Treatment NASBA
Open and Cased Hole Log Interpretation NASBA
Operation, Diagnostics and Maintenance of Equipment for Oil & Gas Production NASBA
Operational Excellence NASBA
Operational Excellence: Managing Performance in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry NASBA
Operational Risk Management & Mitigation NASBA
Opportunity Auditing NASBA
Optimising Equipment Maintenance & Replacement Decisions  NASBA
OSHA Training Occupational Safety & Health Administration Standards NASBA
Pensions, Governance & Regulations NASBA
Performance Management HRCI   |   NASBA
Performance Measurement in Government  NASBA
Performing a Procurement GAP Analysis NASBA
Personal Effectiveness & Influencing Skills NASBA
Petroleum Geology for Non-Geologists NASBA
Petroleum Project Economics & Risk Analysis NASBA
Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals for Non-Technical Personnel NASBA
Petroleum Refining-Production Planning, Scheduling and Yield Optimisation NASBA
Petrophysical Properties NASBA
Planning and Managing PR Campaigns  NASBA
Planning, Organising & Controlling Projects PMI®   |   NASBA
Planning & Scheduling Workshop PMI®   |   NASBA
ILM® Endorsed Planning Specialist ILM   |   NASBA
PLC, Telemetry & SCADA Technologies NASBA
Plugging and Abandonment of Oil & Gas Wells NASBA
Political / Administrative Alignment in the Public Sector NASBA
Portfolio Management Professional PMI®   |   NASBA
Power Quality, Harmonics Mitigation & Reactive Power Management NASBA
Powerful Creative Thinking & Problem-Solving Workshop NASBA
Practical Business Planning Workshop NASBA
Practical Pump & Valve Technology NASBA
Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment NASBA
Preparing and Developing Training Specialist and Coordinators HRCI   |   NASBA
Priority Management NASBA
Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills for Engineers and Technical Professionals NASBA
Process Control & Safeguarding NASBA
Process Control Cybersecurity NASBA
The Effective Finance Professional NASBA
Process Measurement, Instrumentation & Process Control NASBA
Process Plant Optimization Technology and Continual Improvement  NASBA
Procurement and Supply Chain Management Best Practices PMI®   |   NASBA
Procurement Best Practices PMI®   |   NASBA
Procurement Fraud Workshop NASBA
Procurement Management of Equipment and Works for World Bank Aided Projects NASBA
ILM® Endorsed Procurement Management Professional ILM   |   PMI®   |   NASBA
Production Planning & Scheduling in Petroleum Refineries NASBA
Production Technology NASBA
Professional Advancement NASBA
Professional Business Analysis Level 1 PMI®   |   IIBA   |   NASBA
ILM® Endorsed Professional Business System Analyst ILM   |   NASBA
ILM® Endorsed Professional Job Analyst ILM   |   HRCI   |   NASBA
ILM® Endorsed Professional Leader ILM   |   NASBA
ILM® Endorsed Professional Project Analyst ILM   |   PMI®   |   NASBA
ILM® Endorsed Professional Project Leader ILM   |   PMI®   |   NASBA
ILM® Endorsed Professional Recruitment Analyst ILM   |   HRCI   |   NASBA
Professional Skills for Administrators & Secretaries NASBA
ILM® Endorsed Professional Training Administrator ILM   |   HRCI   |   NASBA
ILM® Endorsed Professional Training Coordinator ILM   |   HRCI   |   NASBA
Project Analysis: Tools & Techniques for Managing Risk & Uncertainty PMI®   |   NASBA
Project Appraisal and Risk Management PMI®   |   NASBA
Project Appraisal Financial and Economic Factors PMI®   |   NASBA
Project Appraisal: Identification, Policy Analysis & Selection PMI®   |   NASBA
Project Budgeting & Cost Management PMI®   |   NASBA
Project Commissioning: A Practical Approach PMI®   |   NASBA
Project Execution PMI®   |   NASBA
Project Financial & Risk Appraisal NASBA
Project Management for the Oil and Gas Industry PMI®   |   NASBA
Project Performance Measurement and Management PMI®   |   NASBA
Project Policy & Financial Appraisal NASBA
Project Quality Management Workshop PMI®   |   NASBA
Project Risk Analysis & Management PMI®   |   NASBA
Project Risk Management & Compliance PMI®   |   NASBA
Project Risk Management Workshop for Project Professionals PMI®   |   NASBA
Protocol & Event Management NASBA
Public Policy, Governance & Administration   NASBA
Public Relations in the Oil and Gas Industry NASBA
Public Sector Accounting and Budgeting NASBA
Public Sector Innovation and Smart Cities NASBA
Public Sector Management, Governance & Fiscal Sustainability Techniques Seminar NASBA
Pumps, Compressors & Turbines NASBA
PVT (Pressure-Volume-Temperature) Properties of Reservoir Fluids NASBA
QMS Audit and IFRS for Oil & Gas Industry NASBA
Quality Assurance and Management System NASBA
Quality Assurance & Control NASBA
Quality Assurance in Practice NASBA
Radiation Safety NASBA
Recruitment & Selection Workshop HRCI   |   NASBA
Reducing Costs through Spares Optimisation and Rationalisation  NASBA
Refinery Critical Equipment Operation for Compressors, Turbines and Pumps NASBA
Refinery Process Yield Optimisation NASBA
Refinery Shutdown & Turnaround NASBA
Result-Based Management (RBM) NASBA
Retirement Planning NASBA
Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Process Safety NASBA
Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Quality Plans NASBA
Risk Based Maintenance Workshop NASBA
Risk Based Operational Decision Making NASBA
Risk Based Strategies for Inspection & Maintenance (RBI & RBM) NASBA
Risk Champion Masterclass NASBA
Risk Management, Control & Compliance (Corporate Governance) NASBA
Risk Management for Oil and Gas NASBA
Risk Management in the Supply Chain for the Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals Industry NASBA
Risk Management Internal Control & Fraud Prevention NASBA
Risk Management Professional PMI®   |   NASBA
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Facilitator Training NASBA
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Facilitator Workshop NASBA
Root Cause Analysis using Tripod Beta Method Incident Investigation and Analysis NASBA
Root Cause Failure Analysis NASBA
Safety Audit & Site Inspection  NASBA
Safety in Process Equipment Design & Operation NASBA
Safety Instrumentation and Emergency Shut-down Systems NASBA
Safety Technology & Risk Management NASBA
Sales Management Best Practices for Building a World-Class Sales Team NASBA
Sales Manager Training NASBA
Sales Professional Training: Advanced Selling Skills and Business Development Strategies NASBA
Seismic Interpretation & Basin Analysis of Rift Basin Systems NASBA
Senior HR Professional HRCI   |   NASBA
Service Level Agreements NASBA
ILM® Endorsed Service Quality and Excellence ILM   |   NASBA
Setting & Controlling Budgets NASBA
Setting Priorities, Time Management & Stress Reduction NASBA
SIMOPS (Simultaneous Operations) for Onshore and Offshore Facilities NASBA
SIPROD (Simultaneous Drilling and Production) for Offshore Platforms NASBA
Social Insurance and Risk Management NASBA
Stakeholder Management NASBA
Start-up, Commissioning & Testing of Electrical Systems  NASBA
Statistical Communications NASBA
Statutory, Legal and Compliance Requirements  NASBA
Steam Boilers NASBA
Stimulation Technologies NASBA
Storage Tank Design, Construction & Maintenance NASBA
Strategic Awareness and Business Acumen NASBA
Strategic Awareness and Business Acumen Workshop NASBA
Strategic Community Relations NASBA
Strategic Cost and Value Management in the Supply Chain  NASBA
Strategic Event Management NASBA
Strategic HR Business Partner  HRCI   |   NASBA
Strategic Internal Communication Skills NASBA
Strategic Leadership in Government NASBA
Strategic Management in Upstream Oil and Gas NASBA
Strategic Management Workshop NASBA
Strategic Planning and Execution NASBA
Strategic Planning & Goal Setting NASBA
Strategic Planning Using the Balanced Scorecard NASBA
Strategic Sourcing: The Optimum Approach to Buying NASBA
Strategic Talent Management in the Oil and Gas Industry NASBA
Strategic Thinking, Analysis and Planning NASBA
Strategic Thinking & Business Planning NASBA
Strategic Workforce Planning Masterclass HRCI   |   NASBA
Strategy Building & Sustaining Competitive Advantage NASBA
Strategy & Business Analysis NASBA
Strategy Masterclass NASBA
Strategy & Strategic Planning NASBA
Strategy, Strategy Execution and Performance Management System Workshop NASBA
Stratigraphy Sequence, Seismic & Integrated Stratigraphic Analysis NASBA
Structural Renovation of Buildings NASBA
Structural Steel Design NASBA
Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing Operations NASBA
Substation Design & Operation NASBA
Subsurface Production Operations and Artificial Lift Technologies NASBA
Successful Management for Business Achievement: The 5 Day MBA NASBA
Supply Chain Operations in the Oil & Gas Industry NASBA
Supply Chain Risk Management NASBA
Supply Market Analysis NASBA
Fundamentals of Transition Engineering NASBA
Sustainable Urban Development NASBA
ILM® Endorsed Talented Professional Manager ILM   |   NASBA
TAMCO High Voltage Switchgears  NASBA
Tank Farm Operations and Performance NASBA
Technical Project Management PMI®   |   NASBA
The 10-Day Advanced Financial Modelling & Petroleum Project Economics NASBA
The 10-Day Advanced Project Economics & Performance Management for Oil & Gas Professionals PMI®   |   NASBA
The 10-Day Advanced Project Economics & Risk Management for Oil & Gas Professionals NASBA
The 10-Day Essential Skills for Oil & Gas Managers & Supervisors NASBA
The 10-Day International Financial Reporting & Treasury Risk Management for the Oil & Gas Industry NASBA
The 10-Day International Gas Business Management NASBA
The 10-Day International Oil & Gas Business Management NASBA
The 10-Day International Petroleum Management NASBA
The 10-day MBA for Oil and Gas Professionals NASBA
The 10-Day Mini-MBA for Human Resource, Learning and Development Professionals in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry HRCI   |   NASBA
The 10-Day Oil and Gas Contracts Training NASBA
The 5-Day MBA in HR HRCI   |   NASBA
The Art of Advanced Communication NASBA
The Art of Human Resource Management HRCI   |   NASBA
The Boston Advanced Leadership Programme NASBA
The Boston Advanced Management Programme NASBA
The Boston Advanced Strategic Management Programme NASBA
The Challenge of Globalisation NASBA
The Competent Manager NASBA
The Complete Course on How to Supervise Public Sector NASBA
The Contracts & Project Management MBA PMI®   |   NASBA
The Effective Teamleader Seminar & Workshops NASBA
The Future of HR: Re-engineering the Employee Experience HRCI   |   NASBA
The Future of Learning: Re-engineering the Learning Experience HRCI   |   NASBA
The Influential Leader NASBA
The Management & Leadership Development Programme NASBA
The Middle Manager Development Programme NASBA
The Oxford 10-Day MBA NASBA
The Oxford 5-Day MBA in Finance NASBA
The Oxford Advanced Finance Leaders Programme NASBA
The Oxford Advanced Finance Programme NASBA
The Oxford Advanced Management & Leadership Programme NASBA
The Oxford Advanced Management Programme NASBA
The Oxford Financial Excellence Programme NASBA
The Oxford HRM & Training Programme HRCI   |   NASBA
The Oxford Leadership Seminar NASBA
PMP® Exam Preparation Training The Project Management Professional PMI®   |   NASBA
The Practice of Inclusion Leveraging Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace NASBA
The Sales & Marketing Management MBA NASBA
The Senior Secretary Development Programme NASBA
The Strategic Leader NASBA
The Strategic Public Manager  NASBA
The Strategy and High Impact Leadership Programme NASBA
The Training Analyst HRCI   |   NASBA
Thought Leadership The Competencies NASBA
Topside / Jacket Fabrication Works in Major Shipyards NASBA
Train the Trainer HRCI   |   NASBA
Training Management & Organisational Learning HRCI   |   NASBA
Transformational Industrial (IR) and Employee Relations (ER) Workshop HRCI   |   NASBA
Transformative Scenario Planning NASBA
Transformer Operational Principles, Selection & Troubleshooting  NASBA
Transmission & Distribution Operation & Design Calculations  NASBA
Treasury and Risk Management NASBA
Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Electrical Equipment NASBA
Troubleshooting Process Operation NASBA
Turnaround Works for Onshore and Offshore Facilities NASBA
Understanding and Preventing Process Equipment Failures NASBA
Understanding, Developing & Maintaining Oil & Gas Industry Quality Management Systems NASBA
Understanding Energy Contracts NASBA
Understanding Finance to Influence Strategic Decisions NASBA
Understanding ISO 28000 NASBA
Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems NASBA
Upstream Petroleum Accounting & Auditing Policies and Procedures NASBA
Upstream Petroleum Contracts NASBA
Upstream Petroleum Contracts, Accounting & Auditing Policies and Procedures NASBA
Value for Money Audit NASBA
Warehouse & Stores Management NASBA
Warehouse Operations and Management NASBA
Water Flooding Management NASBA
Well Completion Design NASBA
Well Integrity Technologies NASBA
Well, Reservoir and Facility Management NASBA
Work Smarter: Advanced Time, Stress Management and Prioritization NASBA
Working in Partnership Joint Venture and Production Sharing Contract NASBA
Workpack Engineering for Refurbishment / Debottlenecking Works for both Onshore and Offshore Facilities NASBA
Workshop on Building, Managing and Sustaining a World Class Reputation  NASBA
Workshop on Aligning Training and Strategy in Your Business HRCI   |   NASBA
Workshop on Contract Management in Public Procurement NASBA
Workshop on Feasibility Studies PMI®   |   NASBA
Workshop on Managing Stress and Pressure at Work   NASBA
Workshop on Understanding and Drafting Internal Service Level Agreements NASBA
World-Class Digital (Intelligent) Oilfields Implementation NASBA
Writing Effective Maintenance Procedures NASBA
Xmas Trees and Well Heads NASBA

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