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What People are saying About GLOMACS Training Seminars?

Our delegate’s feedback speaks for itself!

GLOMACS have provided training to thousands of professionals from industries and governments worldwide, and we have consistently received excellent feedbacks for the outstanding quality and value of the training delivered. Here are some samples of feedbacks received from our participants. To safeguard privacy, participant details are not disclosed completely.

The following quotations are excerpts from real feedbacks filled out by past course participants and gets updated as we successfully completes every event. We continuously strive for success and we are always encouraged when we receive positive feedback. Get involved with GLOMACS trainings seminars by attending one of our trainings.

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Just believing for the first time that ‘body language’ is sure best way to study people. Every lesson each day, there’s always amazing from the instructor, the 7 qualities A customer expects from us was priceless and something & will always bear in mind, thanks.

B A Kadafur
Fundamentals of Marketing
03 - 07 Dec 2017, JW Marriott Hotel - Dubai, U.A.E.

Great session with good case studies to learn from.

Z G S Amin Al Falah
Managing Tenders, Specifications & Contracts
26 - 30 Nov 2017, Fairmont Hotel, Dubai, UAE

The training programme is very educative and informative, it has given me an overview of what dash board entails and how to develop it, I strongly recommend the training.

M. Haruna
Performance Management: Setting Objectives, and KPIs
26 - 30 Nov 2017, JW Marriott Hotel - Dubai, U.A.E.

I am blessed to attend this seminar, it is going to change my way of working.

V. Nandutu
Performance Management: Setting Objectives and KPI’s
23 - 30 Nov 2017, JW Marriott Hotel - Dubai, U.A.E.

I recommend that more staff should participate in this program.

I. Oyedele
Building Skills for Working in Teams: Igniting Passion & Activating Potential in Teams
23 - 30 Nov 2017, JW Marriott Hotel - Dubai, U.A.E.

Interesting session with many local / international examples used, thank you.

F. Al Farsi
Managing Tenders, Specifications & Contracts
23 - 30 Nov 2017, Fairmont Hotel, Dubai, UAE

One of the most useful management course I had, it filled some missing pieces.

A. A. Alsuwailem
Mastering People Management & Team Leadership
30 Oct - 03 Nov 2017, Grosvenor House (A JW Marriott Hotel) - London, UK.

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